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About Joanna's Juices


Joanna Stein is the proud owner of Joanna's Juices, a local gem renowned for its signature West African Sobolo juice. With a blend of hibiscus petals and ginger, Joanna's creation captures the essence of distant lands in every bottle. From her modest stall at farmers' markets to the shelves of nearby stores, Joanna's Sobolo juice has become a beloved staple in the community, offering a refreshing taste of tradition amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Through her dedication and flavorful concoctions, Joanna Stein has carved out a niche, bringing a touch of West Africa to the streets of Denver.

"This Sobolo is one of the first drinks I was introduced to in my early childhood, living in a small village in Ghana. I remember my grandma growing and caring for her beautiful garden every morning. She freshly picked out all the ingredients and she would make fresh Sobolo. When I got a little older, she would let me help her. Now every sip I take brings me so much happiness. I hope it makes you happy too."


– Joanna Stein 

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Joanna's Sobolo Juice is also available
to purchase at these retail stores:

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